Coffee-Nut Hand Scrub 

My favorite yet!

John 6: 12 New International Version  (NIV)

“…’Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.'” 

   If your household is anything like this one and the majority of your electricity bill can be linked back to your coffee maker then listen up! (I’m kidding of course… haaaaa…) I realized not too long ago how many coffee grounds we throw away in just one day. (Around 3 cups of ground beans…  not kidding…) On my quest to be more frugal I started thinking of ways that we could repurpose those lovely grounds; after all, they are still very clean only having had hot water run through them. Today I am sharing one of those ideas with you. I present to you (Drum roll please!) Coffee Ground Hand Scrub!

** Ingredients:

  • Used coffee grounds (ooor if you are looking just for fun and not for frugalitys sake, fresh works too!)
  • Coconut oil 
  • Cinnamon (or any spice your heart desires)
  • A jar or container for your mixture


  • Now, depending on how fast you go through coffee and  how often you will want to make this scrub I recommend storing your grounds in a place where air can still get to them and dry them out nicely.
      After letting mine dry on a plate on the counter for about a day, I move them to this here Mason jar that I have poked 3 holes into the lid of.
      • Take your jar/container that you want your scrub to live in and add about 3tbsp of coconut oil (This recipe is not very precise & hard to mess up, so just have fun!)
      • Next take your coffee grounds and add about 5tbsp 
      • Mix … the grounds will start to moisten and actually take up quite a bit of space – adjust accordingly 
      • Keep adding grounds until desired texture is reached (It will still mainly smell of coconut the coffee grounds here are primarily for the exfoliating factor.)
      • Add your cinnamon/spices until your smeller is happy!

        For the sake of a picture I plopped all of the ingredients in at once. I know, I know, I didn’t follow the “recipe” but, in my defense I had already made one and had the jist of things.

        I sincerely hope you enjoyed this week’s “Sunday Funday” and I look forward to seeing you next week!

        Added fun… it looks like mud!

        Numbers 6: 24-26

        In Jesus’ Name

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