This is the Day

   Happy Sunday everyone! I pray that your day has been blessed and that as you head into this next week you seek and keep God at the main focus of everything you do; I promise this will make your days a hundred times better. 

“This is the day that the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118: 24 NKJV

   This last week was the nine year anniversary of my mom’s passing away. The LORD truly comforted me through it this year. Of course anniversaries, birthdays and mother’s day are hard… but, for me sometimes the days leading up to and the days following those “calendared” days are are even harder. This year though, the good LORD walked me through it… step by step.

One of the sites I follow called (in)courage must have gotten the memo because post after post leading up to, and even after, the day were so encouraging and were filled with the words I needed to hear. One lady talked about the loss of her father and how God has walked her through it but those days of grief still hit at even the most unexpected times. While another reminded me that whatever pain or anxiety I am facing, rather than fearing it or dwelling in it I need to embrace it. Because I am never alone and I can do all, not some or most, but “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) 

   Also, this year Mama and Papa gave me some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen and a balloon with a flower on it; which may seem small to you but meant the world to me. Last year, I started a tradition of letting a balloon go on the anniversary of the day my mom went home to Jesus. Why? Well, when I was younger my mom would tell me that when you let a balloon go it would float way up high past the clouds and GOD and all of the angels would have a party. …I would say that the day you got to go home to be with Jesus and were relieved of all your pain, is cause for celebration. 

“When we all get to Heaven” written by: Eliza Hewitt

   Now, I had been praying that the balloon wouldn’t get stuck in our trees and would float effortlessly into the open, blue sky. However, as soon as I released it, it went back into our yard and started towards the trees. But, somehow it managed to float under and through the branches and make its way back into open sky. (Insert your own personal relevant metaphor here.)

   As GOD would have it the same day happens to be one of my younger brother’s birthday. So the day was filled with fun adventures and praises to GOD for the life of this funny, honest, GOD fearing young man. 

   Also, our tortoise had babies and the other day a family friend was over and found one of them roaming around. I asked Mama if I may have him and she said “Yes.” I love him and his name is Methuselah. (Thoosie for short; thanks to a candle in the window guest!) 

Methuselah is recorded to have lived the longest at nine hundred and sixty nine years!

  It may not be exactly how/when we want it to be but GOD always has that beautifully, wonderful way of showing us His amazing grace. He takes the hardest, darkest parts of ourselves and shines His light into our lives so brightly, that rather than hiding the hard, fear causing, stress inducing stuff in the “dark corners” of our minds, we start to embrace every part of the messy, crazy, but beautiful life that we have been blessed with. 

Numbers 6: 24-26

In Jesus Name

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