Use Your Words

   I find myself using the sentence “Use your words.” just about every day… Whether it’s trying to figure out what kind of sandwich one of my siblings wants for lunch or trying to retrieve a sincere apology from kid a to kid b for x, y, z. I know they have the words in there because as soon as I say, “Use your words.” (98% of the time…) they will open their mouths and there they are; I am finally able to understand what they want and how to best help them. 

   Do you think our loving Heavenly Father ever looks down on us and says the same thing?

Thank you Jesus!

   He clearly tells us that if/when we seek Him, He will grant us the desires of our heart. So why don’t we just… ask? Why do we still try to do everything on our own? Which only ever results in stress, hurt, anxiety, frustration and so on… 

   Maybe we feel selfish? “Its not about us.” Well, no, it’s not… but, that’s the thing! That is why Christ died on the cross for us. He wants to help us, He wants us to call on Him, He wants us to have a faith in Him so strong that we are able to move mountains.

This little flower was gifted to me by my little brother from our bush in the front yard; they make my heart smile!

   I simply cannot stress to you enough how important and meaningful and powerful prayer is. If you are not used to regularly praying (except maybe at dinner time and at church Sunday morning) at first it can be… awkward. Especially, if no one has taught you how to pray; but, the beautiful thing about it is that there is no right or wrong way to talk to your Heavenly Father. 

   Maybe, we’re scared. We don’t want to actually confess to that thing we did so we try our best to tuck it away… but, He already knows. He knows what we are going to do before we do it; He knows what we are going to say before we think it. He knows and… He understands; He is the only one in our lives that we can go to and tell anything and everything to and He will selflessly, wholeheartedly, listen and help and love us without the fear of rejection. What a relief it is to tell Him our burdens and to ask Him for His help. To feel the weight of your burdens instantly lift off your shoulders and His love and amazing grace fill your heart is indescribable…

   It’s hard. I know that. It is hard to not only realize that you are wrong and that (no matter how hard you try to convince yourself) you cannot do this on your own. It is hard to reach out to someone you’ve maybe been un-intentionally (or intentionally) avoiding and ask for their help and their forgiveness. But, it is even harder to actually do it “alone”… 

“Pray without ceasing,” 1 Thessalonians 5: 17

   Today, I leave you with this challenge: Use your words! That thing that you’ve been too scared to talk about (yeah, that) take a moment and lift it up to your Heavenly Father… you are not alone; “Let go, and let GOD.”

Numbers 6: 24-26

In Jesus’ Name

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