In Between

   In the days leading up to Ressurection Day I am not sure just how many posts I read from various bloggers about the “in between.” Yooou knooow, the silent Saturday between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. If you don’t know, don’t feel bad because honestly… I had never really put that much thought into it before either. 

   It could have a lot to do with the fact that as I continue to learn and grow in my walk with the LORD I am starting to think about, and question, things that I never have before. I had always just gone from the seriousness of Good Friday to the joyful celebration of Resurrection Day listening to the “same” sermons not realizing the hard, true history here. Innocently forgetting the days of mourning, waiting, hoping… that followed the brutal crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Thank You Jesus.

We do this throughout our entire lives… 

   We can look at it two ways; one way is case by case. Something happens to us, may it be a small hurt or a life altering decision/change. We either stay so focused on that thing/those events that hurt us, or the change we’ve made, that we are constantly at battle with ourselves as we wait for that joyous day of celebration that we long for (but, seems to continuously elude us). Until one day we realize that the pain and hurt is gone (praise the LORD) and that where we are is right where GOD has planted us… and it is beautiful. 

   We get so caught up in reliving the past and trying to hurry and get to “tomorrow” that we forget to rest in the in between. We can so easily miss so much of our lives right now if we aren’t careful. We have to remember that between the broken and the mended there is the healing process

The you LORD for seasons of rest.

   The other way is that the “Friday” is our birth and the “Sunday” is us returning home to Heaven; with our whole life being the in between. We are born into a world of sin, hurt, anger, sadness and we continually hope and long for that glorious day when we will enter the loving, comforting, rejoicing, welcoming gates of Heaven. 

   Maybe today your “in between” is in the moments of peace between putting clothes in the washer and waiting to switch them to the dryer… maybe it’s found late at night when you are doing the dishes between when the busy house is finally quiet and you lay your head on your pillow… where ever you may find your “in between” today make sure you mindfully rest in it; knowing that our LORD and Savior is bringing a joyous tomorrow!

Numbers 6: 24-26

In Jesus Name

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  1. Christine McKinney says:

    I thought much of the Saturday waiting and grieving the disciples would have done. It was a sobering day for me. Waiting, sighing, mourning, hoping, despairing, unsure, wanting to trust, so mixed up. Life here is full of all of that. We do long for heaven and that rejoicing. God reminded me today that Nehemiah 8:10 says…. the joy of the Lord is your strength. So after my communion with Him in His Word, I sang some songs out of our hymnal. It was more joyful. And yet, there is still the tug of sorrow as I think on the many my heart longs for. So many struggling in this life, so many walking away or on the verge of it, so many hurting…. in the midst of that I want to KNOW God and be joyful. I guess that is not happy and smiley all the time, but a deep joy, peace and hope in Him.

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    1. Modestly Me says:

      Beautifully said Miss Christine, it can be hard to see so much pain and hurt in the world… I keep praying and I am so grateful to my GOD for life He has blessed me with. Praise Him!


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