Boundaries. So much anxiety in just ten, little letters… if you dont know how to balance these ten letters just right and it gets heavier on one side then everything can easily topple out of control. Yes, it is important to have boundaries in all of your relationships but the most important person to set boundaries with is yourself.

“He grants peace to your borders and satisfies you with the finest of wheat.”

   If you are anything like me, this is easier said than done. Setting boundaries starts with being completely honest with yourself, with your Heavenly Father and with your Savior Jesus Christ. The three of you already know all of your strengths and weaknesses. The three of you already know every time you have slipped up, or fallen short, of the expectations, or standards, you have set for yourself. 

   So instead of sweeping it all up, laying a nice area rug over it, moving in a recliner and perhaps adding in a nice reading lamp to the metaphorical storage room of your mind… try sorting through that little pile of yours and putting everything away where it belongs. I’m not saying it will be easy, I know it’s not. But it’s important. 

Thank you LORD for my life, may I live it to serve you and bring glory to Your name… in Jesus’ precious name, Amen!

   Recently, I realized something on my quest of boundary setting: I am hard on myself. I set goals or restrictions and if I don’t meet them… well, I might as well not do anything at all. I get excited and motivated and all kinds of ambitious! Then, when I fall short of the expectations I had for myself, or that project, I feel as though I have let everyone (and their goldfish) down. 

   Which, I know in reality this is not the case. I know that everyone is focused on their own lives and the things they have going on. I know that as long as my life and what I am doing lines up with GOD’s Word and His plan for my life that that’s all that matters. I know with all my heart that by placing my faith, my trust, my hope… that by placing my whole life in my LORD and Savior’ s hands I am enough… and well, if I am enough just as I am for the Creator of the universe then who am I to judge myself so harshly? (I’m reminding myself of this as we speak…)

Thank you Jesus…

   All of this has led me to another realization: that while I absolutely love writing down my experiences and the lessons I am constantly learning to share with you, sometimes trying to post twice a week can be a lot. All of a sudden it’s time for “Sunday Funday” again; it is 2am Monday morning and I am trying to finish a post after a busy day.  (Like right now for instance…) 

   I much rather make sure that every single post I post is written with passion, is thoughtfully constructed and is just right than to hurry and write something just for the sake of posting… So, this week I’m making a change. I am setting a boundary (or I guess, tearing one down technically). Instead of posting twice a week, every week, I will be posting once a week… on “Wordy Wednesday.” Perhaps if something fun comes up or something special is put on my heart I will post on a “Sunday Funday.” But, I am quickly learning that life is crazy… and having a set schedule is just not realistic and can feel a bit like, “Setting yourself up for failure.”

   This week I challenge you to go through your “pile.” What is something that you want to change, or set a boundary with, but maybe you are afraid to let yourself or someone else down? Ask GOD about it, pray about it, if it lines up with His Word that is truly all that matters. Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it very much and I pray your day is blessed.

Numbers 6: 24-26

In Jesus’ Name

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