True Colors

   The other day some of my siblings and I were talking about all of the different animals and how there is such a vast variety in the species of animals. But, the majority of them have one thing in common: GOD designed them so that the females in any given species are more on the… plain side of things. They are usually more brown or tan in color; more likely than not to be able to blend into their surroundings better. Despite their plain appearance, and ways, their species… continues on.

   So, naturaly, as humans what do we do? We take matters into our own hands and try to do things the exact opposite way… especially us females. We are emotional creatures, that’s the way we were designed. I think it is kind of in our programming to want that deep, intimate relationship with someone… the world (wrongly) makes us believe that we will find that in another human, “Prince Charming” or the “perfect” guy (which, I’m sorry to tell you ladies but there was only ever one perfect man on Earth and He died on the cross and ascended into heaven a long time ago).

After missing last week’s post, due to being sick, I am glad to “be back” and I pray that this post brings you encouragement!

   What do we do with this sound information? Well, we look around us at everyone else and see that what they are doing looks like it’s “working”… and suddenly we find ourselves in competition with every other last female on the face of the Earth. We paint on our bright colors  (i.e. makeup, clothes) in an attempt to get noticed. We “scream” until our voices are hoarse… and yet, it doesn’t work. It works in the movies; it worked for her and her… and her… 

   I don’t know about you, but I’m more concerned with making sure what I’m doing or what I look like/what I’m wearing is pleasing to the LORD over a human man any day… and I am almost certain that does not look like full make up, hair and wardrobe (add in the script while we are at it… the world already tries to tell us what to say/what we should sound like). 

Praise GOD for times of rest (and fun!) with family.

   I know that if it is part of GOD’s plan for my life that I get married, then it will happen in His time. I know that I won’t have to pretend to be something, or someone, that I am not. I know that it will be because he saw something in me and that it wasn’t do to “flattery/trickery/showy colors.” I know that he will know what my actual face (the one GOD gave me) looks like. But, most importantly above all else… I know that he will love GOD more than anything in existance. 

   Doesn’t that relieve some stress? Don’t you want that? To know that you don’t have to keep up a facade, that you are enough and that you a loved just as you are… to know that all you truly need to do is focus on serving the LORD, each day, and everything else will fall into place…

GOD loves us and takes us right where we are… there is nothing we can do to “impress” GOD or make Him love us anymore than He already does… “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God -” Ephesians 2: 8 NIV

   This week I challenge you to revert to your “natural colors.” Go a few days without make up, wear your favorite comfy outfits, don’t spend four hours on your hair. Don’t try to “impress” anyone with your actions; find who GOD designed you to be. You aren’t meant to be like her or her… or her…

Numbers 6: 24-26

In Jesus’ Name

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  1. Christine McKinney says:

    My hubby likes me better without makeup, so after getting my eyelashes and eyebrows back I cut it out. I miss the way I looked (I thought I looked better) but it is freeing to not focus on my looks. In fact I have to remind myself to look at my hair (what there is of it) and make sure it is looking decent! I even asked a couple young ladies at church and they thought I looked fine either way…. so not going to worry about it!

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    1. Modestly Me says:

      I think you are lovely Miss Christine, with a beautiful heart to match! Although, getting dressed up is fun too, it is nice to know that I am accepted as me and I know what you mean by it being “freeing.” I pray you and your family have a blessed day!


  2. minstrelgirl451 says:

    I’m sorry you were sick, but I’m glad you are feeling better! I especially appreciate your paragraph on marriage. Of course we don’t want marry or be married for looks, a false image, money, etc. All those things are temporary. But speaking from experience, it’s easy to get impatient. To wonder if anyone (read, your future husband) will notice you if you simply follow the Lord. To believe He is preparing someone for you, but worry, “What if he can’t find me!” As if anything we did could thwart or “help” God’s plan!
    I read somewhere that “beauty on the outside should reflect the inner beauty of our hearts” (not a word for word quote). I think that is a good guideline. What is the important part? The heart. Clothing will follow after, as will every part of our lives. So, as long as our hearts are growing closer to God, we should be headed in the right direction everywhere else.
    Sorry for the long comment, but that one paragraph especially resonated with me, and opened my eyes to my lack of trust in this area. Keep blogging! Maybe when you get enough posts, you could turn them into a book! 😃

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    1. Modestly Me says:

      Thank you so much and thank you for the “long comment” I love hearing what others think and have to say on different topics. Your point about us “thwarting or helping GOD’s plan” is very true. It is so easy to start getting caught up in all of the “what ifs.” I appreciate your input and I like that quote, it is a good one! Thank you again!

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      1. minstrelgirl451 says:

        You are welcome! Now if I could remember where that quote came from…

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