It’s just food.

   This post is just touching on a topic that has been on my heart a lot lately and was given the last little push through an email from a reader; so, I thought that I would share just a little bit of my opinion on a topic that a lot of people talk so much, but don’t really say anything, about.

   This last week my family and I went on vacation to the lake. It was such a blessed time of relaxation and memory making. Before this year I never would have imagined myself in such a beautiful place surrounded by such beautiful people. GOD is truly amazing!

   Lately, I have been trying my best to be more conscientious about the food that I put into my body. Steering more towards whole foods, organic foods, foods with less added sugar and so on and so forth. (Of course, honeycomb cereal and Mama’s homemade dairy free-gluten free cookies/granola have somehow still made their way into my diet…) 

Yes, I did just toss some cereal and granola on the counter for the sake of a picture… my little sister didn’t mind, she got to help me clean up!

  On the first day of vacation Papa surprised me with some ice ice! Which is just dairy free ice cream either made from coconut, cashew, almond (that I’ve yet to try) or any other dairy free milk product. But, since it isn’t quite as creamy as regular ice cream I was joking around one day and called it ice ice and that’s what its been called ever since. So, I ate the ice ice (even though I know it’s a sugar bomb) and I enjoyed every bite! I made the decision that since I was on vacation I was going to let myself be a little more lenient on my “diet” (or the pattern in which I choose to eat). Guess what? At the end of the week I was the same size. I hadn’t gained 10lbs from eating the ice cream… shocker

   I have been on both sides of the weight scale and I feel as though I am finally starting to find my happy/healthy weight (although, of course, I am always striving to do and be better) and so I am sometimes overly cautious either way. Sometimes we feel like the only source of “control” we have is what we put in our bodies… we don’t need to pretend to have whatever ounce of control we think we do. Rest in GOD’s grace. Knowing that being healthy and able to effectively serve GOD and His kingdom is the main goal and that it really isn’t about me or what I look like made a world of difference for me.

Some gorgeous greens and asparagus our neighbor brought over for us!

   I realized something… it‘s just food. It should not have this big of a hold on anyone’s life. You should not be scared of it; but, it also should not be your only source of comfort. 

   When we are putting the right foods into our bodies we are feeding energy and vitamins and nutrients into our temples. It is important to care for and maintain our temples. Certain types of food and amounts of food may be different depending on the person and the way their body is designed (your blood type even plays a factor in determining how certain foods affect you). When we use food as such a giant source of comfort, we start to become glutinous; we feel uncomfortable, gross, dirty, alone… when our main source of comfort should be our Heavenly Father.

   On the other hand refusing and depriving ourselves of the food that is so abundantly provided for us is not only unhealthy it is selfish… I’m not saying making the choice not to stuff ourselves is the wrong choice here. In fact, it is a commendable act of self control to only eat what you know your body needs. I say it is selfish because (95% of the time) it is done out of vain conceit with no regard to the temple GOD has blessed us with. We should not refuse the food He has provided for us, when others have nothing, because we might gain a pound…

Juuust about everything is better with avocados and/or onions! (Sorry little roma tomato… you are yummy too but, are more of a delicate ingredient.)

   No one can tell you how much or what to eat; you have to decide what is right for your body. Of course, the decision between an orange or a bag of potato chips (although, there is room for that too) should be pretty clear. I guess in conclusion my whole point and reasoning behind writing on this topic is to encourage you to not let food have a stronghold on your life. It should not bring you anxiety, in any form. Be thoughtful with your food choices but… eat the ice cream. Just not a vat of it every night… you are loved and you are enough just as you are. GOD is not counting the inches around your waist.

   My prayer for you this week, is that you are able to find peace with food. Knowing that GOD will provide the next meal; so eat intuitively. Until your body is satisfied, not more… not less. Knowing that eating a extra few bites because you are hungry is not the end of the world and it is truly okay

Lemons are just so bright and happy and beautiful!

*If this post did not personally relate to you, I still want to thank you for your support in reading. Maybe you thought of someone you know while reading, I encourage you to share it with them. GOD Bless.

Numbers 6: 24-26

In Jesus’ Name




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