“Are you my mother?”

   The other day we were all standing in the kitchen talking and mama looked out the glass doors and noticed a baby bird in the grass between the trees in the front yard; it had fallen out of its nest. She called my brother (a.k.a the bird man) over and showed him. He waited to see if the mama bird would come down or try to interact with it in anyway; but, after a few minutes he made the decision to help the little guy out. When he walked over and the baby bird hopped towards his feet and let him pick him up. 

This is the little guy all cozied up in his makeshift nest.

   You know the story “Are you my mother?” by P. D. Eastman? The one were the little bird hatches and ends up falling out of his nest while his mother is finding food for him? Well, he then starts wondering around looking for his mother. He even passes right by her at one point and doesn’t even notice.

   The little bird has yet to really see her. Though, he knows she is there. He knows he must have a mother somewhere; he knows someone has watched over him and kept him safe and warm until he hatched. He didnt just… appear. This young bird then proceeds to search for the same comfort and love from various things and objects. From a dog to a chicken to a boat and an old car…

Another beautiful picture from our trip to the lake!

   By the end of the story the little bird is exhausted. He has searched and searched and searched and is still alone; all of his efforts have led to nothing. He comes to a “big thing.” A giant… hard… cold… red excavator. After asking the, ever present, question of, “Are you my mother?” and (surprise, surprise) getting no reply, defeated, the little bird rests on the bucket of the “stork.”

   Once he stops, the big arm of the “stork” lifts him up. Higher and higher, and eventually drops him gently, right into his nest! At the same moment his mother comes back to the nest and he doesn’t even have to ask who she is… he just, knows. 

   He doesn’t have to ask, “Are you my mother?” because he can still feel the same warmth from when he was in his shell. He can feel her presence and knows her love in his heart without anything having to be said. There is an ingrained connection between them.

The sky is so beautiful and makes me feel incredibly close to my Heavenly Father.

   At some point in our lives, maybe we are young when it happens or perhaps we are older, we hatch. One day we look around and ask, “Where is my mother?” and we decide to go and look for the answer on our own. We leave the comfort of our “nest” and in a moment find ourselves on the ground… far from anything we know.

   On this journey we try to find the answer in worldly things. But nothing can fill or take the place and protection of our Heavenly Father. No matter what we try to fill the gap with or how hard we try to busy ourselves… at the end of the day, we will still feel alone. Like the baby bird and his mom, we have that embedded, ingrained, pre-programmed connection with our Heavenly Father that no one can fulfill except Him

   The sooner we stop fighting and trying to figure things out on our own and be still the sooner God is able to help us. To lift us up and back into His arms. He has been there the whole time “collecting worms,” caring for us, waiting for us to return to Him. 

After we could tell that he was getting stronger day by day my brother finally named him; ladies and gentlemen, meet, Jack the Raptor!

   The baby grackle that fell out of the tree in our yard? Well, by letting my brother help him and feed him a few days later he was able to stand and start perching on his own! 

Is there an area in your life where you see yourself trying to “fill the void” with worldly things?/Have you in the past?

How did you handle/fix it?

When was the point in which you noticed?

Until next time; I pray your day, every day, is blessed.

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  1. minstrelgirl451 says:

    I had to share this on Facebook! You drew such a beautiful and poignant parallel… from a Dr. Suess book. I will never read “Are You My Mother” in the same way again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Modestly Me says:

      Thank you so much; your encouragement means a lot to me! I hope you have a wonderful day!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. minstrelgirl451 says:

        I did! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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