Water Jug

   So I have (what I think is) a silly, but meaningful, confession to make… I love refilling and replacing our water jug that sits on top of our water dispenser. 

   You know the kind of dispensers you see in office buildings? Yeah those, well, we have one. Our water comes straight out of the well, through charcoal filters and other natural water cleaning processes and flows out of our faucets. So, we just refill our 5 gallon jug everytime the tap runs dry. (I may be partial but I think we have the best tasting water.) 
   After the jug is full we (try to) gracefully carry it across the kitchen and do our best to flip it upside down onto the dispenser without spilling too much water… try as I might, I have yet to accomplish the task without spilling at least a few drops. But, I continue on! 

I really love something about this picture…

   Now, I don’t love it for the small arm workout that it provides (while that is a nice little bonus) but for a couple of other reasons…  One reason is that when I fill it up at night I like knowing that when everyone wakes up in the morning there will be nice, cool, fresh water to drink. 

   The other reason is that when I carry that water jug the short distance from the sink to the dispenser I am reminded of the women in the Bible. I am sure you have heard the story of Rebecca and Isaac. Abraham sent out his servant, Eliezer, to bring back a wife for his son Isaac; he said that God would send His angel ahead of him and grant him success. When Eliezer arrived he prayed to God that the woman that was supposed to be Isaac’s wife would come and offer him a drink and offer to water his camels as well. Just then a young woman named Rebecca, without a second thought, made trip after trip from the well to the camels until all of them and Eliezer had had their fill. 

This was taken on a vacation to the Safari Park last year!

   I would not even begin to compare or make it seem as though the two acts are in any way on the same level. Those strong women of the Bible carried heavy, clay pitchers to the well and back to their homes in the heat or cold (I am guessing) multiple times a day. While I carry a plastic jug about 20ft… in the comfort of my home… 

   Still, I can’t help but smile as I participate in the “tradition” and the heart behind the action. I love seeing how such a small, everyday task can potentially have such a big and beautiful meaning behind it.

Conveniently we have some big, clay pots hanging around.

What is something that you do that may seem simple to everyone else but has a special meaning to you?

Would you have been as cheerful and willing to provide water for Eliezer and his camels?

Until next time; I pray your day, every day, is blessed.

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  1. Christine McKinney says:

    Ok. I won’t grumble about having to “pump water” multiple times a day. We filter at the faucet our city water and the faucet our landlord put in does not conform to our filter so I have to “jerry-rig” it. It is still easier than the women in the Bible! Thank you for your cheerfulness!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mama Flynn says:

    You are such a good example of blooming where you are planted 🙂 You bless us every day. Thank you for the water 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Modestly Me says:

      Thank YOU! 😊 Love you Mama.


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