A Breath

Life starts with a breath – is lived with, and through, a series of breaths – and ends, with a single breath.

Sometimes life just starts happening and before you know it, it’s the next week, or a month later, or a new year… This last weekend was full of many blessings; events that had been planned days in advance. But, it wasn’t until Monday evening that I noticed something beautiful about them.

Saturday Mama, Mattie and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a family friend’s baby shower. It was so nice to see her and her family; they are always so kind and the conversation and laughter flow effortlessly. 

Mama took maternity photos of the Mommy, which is always so special, and she looked so beautiful! (And the theme was “Winnie the Pooh” …I LOVED IT!)

It is always a blessing to me to be able to celebrate such a beautiful part of life. To play games and have edifying conversation. To pray over the baby that God is knitting together inside of someone. To think about all of the little things that had to come together to bring this little human into existence… and all the while God had every detail planned. He guided every event that led to the meeting of the parents, to their courting, to their marriage and now He has entrusted them with this little life, this blessing, His special gift to them…

I cannot wait until he is here and I get to see what his little face looks like. At the shower we all wrote down what we thought the details would be and so not only am I excited to see if he is anything like what I thought… but, I am excited to see who God has made for them.

It blows my mind every time I step back and think about there being another human life with a soul and a spirit growing inside someone’s belly… (I’m sorry, but, a soul and spirit simply do not come from our DNA alone they are placed within us by our Almighty God.)

We left that party with smiles on our faces. I know for me, I also left with a heart full of encouragement. Knowing that God has a plan for my life too, that without Him I am just as small and helpless as that sweet baby. But, with His help I will continue to learn and grow.

Two days later, on Monday we held a memorial service at our home for a family friend who is now home with Jesus. I only remember meeting him a few times… but, I am glad that I had the opportunity to shake his hand and share a smile. It was a beautiful gathering with food from his favorite restaurant and live music, the band was made up of some his friends and his family. They played his favorites and those who knew him (and that he loved to dance) danced along remembering him. It was nice to watch.

As people got up to share their stories of him more layers started forming around this man. An amazing story of redemption and God’s saving grace; giving hope and cheerful spirits to others, causing smiles and laughter, even after his spirit had left this earth. Seeing a lifetime unfold over the course of three short hours… really made me think.

He was never President or the CEO of a “Fortune 500,” he probably never climbed Mt. Everest or owned a yacht… but God had a purpose for his life. You could see it in his daughter and her family who stayed with us during that time. You could see it in every person who walked through our door that day.

The flower centerpieces at the memorial were lovely.

We are not all meant to be known “world-wide” …but, we can help change someone’s world right where we are. We all have a unique, beautiful, purpose; a work that God is doing, and can only do, through our individual lives… how amazing is that?

It is so comforting to know that being where God wants me to be is enough. That as long as I am seeking His will for my life, that is enough. This weekend of celebrating life from the first breath, to the last… made me appreciate every one in between. What an amazing thing: to realize that one day we will join our Heavenly Father on high to live with Him forever.

“A Celebration of Life.”

Do you know what that means?

That means that God designed us, knit us together (me, you, all of His children), with the intention of spending eternity with us… He loves us so much that He wants to spend the rest of time with us. (I’m almost positive that even your most beloved relative would make you want to take a moment of “alone time” after awhile… and vise versa.) 

We are all made so intricately different, individually we are able to serve Him in a way that no other person across the earth or throughout history can… He picked you for this time and place for a reason; a specific purpose that we each are created to carry out for His glory. It is our responsibility to spend the short amount of time we have on this earth to find out what that is.

I am going to use the next few breaths I have been blessed with to leave you with a few questions and things to ponder:

Have you ever thought about how much God truly loves you? About everything that went into your existence?

Do you know your calling? Do you think you do? Are you still looking?

Name one instance where God showed you the importance of your life for His glory.

Until next time; I pray your day, every day, is blessed.


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  1. Blessed says:

    Life is truly beautiful! What a privilage to carey everything to God in prayer !Oh what peace we often forfit oh what needless pain we bare all because we do not carey EVERYTHING to God in prayer…. thanks for the encouraging post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Modestly Me says:

      I am honored that it was able to bring you encouragement; I pray you have a blessed day!


  2. Christina says:

    I read this when you first posted it. And I came back to read it again. It is so beautiful how you were able to experience the beginning of life and the end of life all in one weekend. What an amazing gift. Thank you for writing such kind words about my dad. I will cherish every minute I had with you all during that time. You all helped more than you know during that time in my life and I am so thankful for it. Miss you all! And so glad I have your blog and Kasey videos to help feel like I am there with you all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Modestly Me says:

      What a blessing it is to have been apart of and have been able to help during such a hard time. We miss you too! We are grateful to be able to be that and provide that. I hope all is well now that you’re back at home and that you all have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

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