Airplane Shuttle Mini Van ARK!

This week I am sharing a recap of our vacation last weekend! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!


This is the Day

This post is about leaning on our Heavenly Father in our times of fear and anxiety and trusting that He will bring us through it.

Baby Fellowship Market Puppy.

This week was not out of the ordinary… it was just as eventful and beautifully blessed as the rest! What did your week look like?

Sunnyday Funday

Just as sure as we know the seasons will change we need to rest in knowing that God will rescue us; in HIS time.

Board Cooking Piano Laughter.

This Sunday (Who am I kidding? This week!) has been a busy one. But! I have made it, barely, before the end of the day with my post! *Vegetarian (DF and GF) Patty recipe inside!

My house is not my home.

If the whole world is not our home… why are we expected to feel at home inside four little walls?

French Coffee Market Bowl

This week was filled with as much fun and love as usual! The making of French friends, sushi up to our ears and (of course) so much more!