Taco Candy Donut Memories

Just because we choose not to celebrate “halloween” doesn’t mean we don’t have candy-filled fun!

Rice Bar Puff Ice.

This post marks the “grand opening” of the “Haul-A-Day” category with the first topic being one of my personal favorites: desserts!

Red, White and Beet Burgers!

This 4th of July weekend I thought I would share this beet burger recipe with you that Mama made a few days ago that is a perfect substitute for a meat patty! (Dairy-free/Gluten-free)

Board Cooking Piano Laughter.

This Sunday (Who am I kidding? This week!) has been a busy one. But! I have made it, barely, before the end of the day with my post! *Vegetarian (DF and GF) Patty recipe inside!

Make the cake… and eat it too!¬†

For this week’s “Wordy Wednesday” I thought that I would share a quick story with you about a silly little cake that turned into a big lesson!

Rawnola Happiness!

This week’s spotlight is centered on Mama’s yummy, healthy, happy granola!