Thankful Giving

One of my favorite holidays is tomorrow… here are (some of) my thoughts!

The super Christian answer.

Just something I’ve been thinking about…

Little white dresser.

This week I wanted to share something small with you that had a big impact on me.

Pumpkin Bread

This “Sunday Funday” I’m celebrating the beginning baking season by sharing one of my favorite bread recipes with you; I hope you like it too!

He really does listen.

It is always encouraging, to me, to hear other people’s stories of the works and miracles that God has done for them… while I could write a novel on the major life changing things God has done for me, this week I thought that I would use this time to share a few things that seem small and would probably never get a second thought from most people… but, really should.

Hold onto the Sock!

We may not always understand why we are where we are… but, as long as we trust in God and that He ultimately knows what’s best for us we can rest in knowing He has a plan.